TO MENU
        For the most part I quietly do my thing while I slip in behind you and your guests taking photos of everyone’s reactions, candid moments you may have missed and anything that catches my eye as your day unfolds. I am booked as a photographer but I wear many hats..
        I have started dancefloors, stopped kid’s crying mid ceremony, helped almost every bride into her dress.. fixed arches, bouquets and table settings. I spend the day liasing between vendors and chatting to your Nana about how tall I am, on my knees convincing little kids I am cool enough to listen to and I have had the back of many a nervous groom or anxious bride . I have wiped tears, reduced fears and I do it all while trying to make sure I don’t miss photos of anything important. But I would not change a thing.
        Weddings are an amazing, emotionally charged day full of love and I do it for the love, I do it for my couples and their people – each unique and special to me.. I am humbled to be a part of it all.. through the highs and the lows I count my blessings. I cry, I laugh and I celebrate while taking photos and editing them too.. and I definitely dance with you if there is enough room for my moves!
        Me, flying down the driveway in a pair of Jordans as I let the groomsman know to let the DJ and MC know.. it’s business time.
        Action shot by my work BFF Ash.
        NZ Wedding Photographer
        This photo reps me and how I do what I do, which is whatever it takes to get it done on the day – I run up and down stairs, driveways, hallways and between venues from start to finish.. sometimes I might even run to the loo if I get a chance, or to the car to have a photographer bath *this consists of a quick wet wipe, wipe-down, followed by fresh deodorant and a spritz of perfume*.
        Sometimes this job is not glamorous – I have been abused by guests who refuse to cooperate and some of the boys have been known to get a little too handsy before the beers even come out. I tend to take it all in my stride but when I need to, I will put my foot down and pull rank. I will get your 100 or so rowdy guests to take their sunglasses off and smile for group photos, even if they hate photos.. all while making sure everyone knows I am there for you and I am just trying to do my job.
        Once I leave you I am really only half done – there are sooo many photos which I need to back up, which I usually do before I go to bed if I am home before midnight and can wait for it to finish.. cos it takes hours.
        Each hour shooting is between 2 and 4 hours in post processing – sometimes more if the lighting is particularly difficult. This is not including admin, gallery setup, emails and managing my other clients.
        I have had so many people joke about how easy my job is that this post is just a little heads up and a glimpse into only some of the things many of my couples are too busy to notice and those closest to me cannot comprehend. I love being a photographer, I love people and I love parties.. so it works – and I can usually make it all work around my family commitments which means I am there for my kids more than many mothers are able to be and they are my main motivation for pushing through pain, heat exhaustion and being hangry on a hot summers day.
         Years ago as a toddler my grandfather (a photographer) let me hold his camera and a week later he showed me the envelope of printed goodness we had created and I was hooked on the magic of it all. As a teen I picked a camera up again and found myself in the darkroom learning this craft.. making art. Now I take photographs that immortalise key moments in the lives of others and the work I put my heart into becomes treasured.
        These photos remain in your homes on walls, in albums and they are loved and adored for years and many generations to come.
        PS. Please print your photos people!
        Nobody can see what’s on your USB
        I want to tie up this post by saying a big thank you to my friends and family for being understanding when I am too tired to make time for them. Thanks to every couple who has booked me, to each guest and venue that has welcomed myself and those working with me with a smile and a special thanks to those who recommend me and take the time to thank me for doing what I do – you make my day.
        You make my business what it is today.
        Time to recheck my pack for tomorrows wedding
        If you made it this far you deserve a medal!
        x Bianca