TO MENU
        As a photographer - my only goal is to continually evolve and leave a legacy of work that means something.

        My style has been described as creative, organic and fun – which is me in a nutshell, freckles and all. As an artist I have painted, sculpted, drawn and photographed life and I always come back to my camera.

        Nature is my studio and where I feel at peace, so if you book me - you want to have an adventure outside with my camera and find somewhere new.

        I am very grateful to have my work with couples and brands recognized and featured online in New Zealand, Australia and in the UK. In print in New Zealand and the UK, and also on TV and in exhibitions here in Aotearoa!

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        Steal my heart with Black Jeans, House plants, Crystals, Triple Shot Latte's, Old Cars, Baby Animals, Expensive perfume, Tattoos, Caramel everything, Flowers and Fresh Linen.

        Bianca – Bird Whisperer + Sneaker Addict

        I love the barefoot life, the earth between my toes and the feeling of the salty sea in my hair… I will never live far from the ocean.

        Nature is my studio and where I feel at peace, I’ve always been a bit of a wild child.. dancing to the beat of my own drum and finding my way in the world by following my instincts.

        Music speaks louder than words

        I love it.. you will often find me dancing on the d-floor with my friends or in the lounge with our kids. You will rarely walk into our home and not hear music on – I share this eclectic space with my hard working husband who I adore and our two crazy funny children. Together we wrangle a house full of DIY projects, fostered animals and fishing equipment. 

        I am a Gypsy at heart

        We moved and traveled a lot when I was younger and I have spent my life time soaking in the culture and values of the people I have met along the way – these opportunities to connect and explore have shaped me into the (very tall) woman I am today. You can drop me anywhere and I will make a friend, learn something new and leave feeling a little different. 

        “where are you from”

        I am always asked this and I have many interesting answers to this so it depends when and where you catch me. I am part Maori (and part Mermaid) but the majority of my genealogy is a licorice all sorts of Welsh, English and Scottish descent. I whakapapa to Waitakere though, this is where my heart is… my home.