Couples Sesh w Alex + Josh

June 1, 2020

Adventure sessions means more time, more photos, more fun and MORE LOVE! I remember praying to the weather gods on the way out at KareKare as this heavy cloud rolled in.. I was also a little apprehensive about shooting an adventure session with a kid in tow.. then I thought, nah.. Jack will be down for an adventure – let’s just roll with it and whatever happens – happens.

When I arrived to meet them at the carpark in KareKare they said they could hear me coming down the hill in my car with the sounds cranking

The difference between a normal couples session and an adventure session is mostly time time. We have time to take our time, we spend 1 – 1.5 hours walking around, joking, hugging and sometimes even get in a sneaky pash (the word is cringey but hey – it is what it is)! To be clear – I don’t kiss anyone but I will show you how to hug your Mrs like you love her if you look awkward! Most guys HATE the idea of having their photo taken, they all warn me how difficult they are going to make my life but has nothing but high fives and praise for my skills.

I keep it fun – nobody want’s stiff, boring and overposed moments and if it looks weird, I say “ahhh guy’s that looks weird” lol

You guys are legends. I would shoot you again in a heartbeat!