TO MENU

        This stunning Mantels Wedding was a symphony of elegance and style.

        The Dress and Suit, down to the small details were divine!

        I remember seating Dana in her room, it was this moment where it all became real! Her hair and makeup

        was flawless and when she slipped into her dress and finally took a breather I just thought, woah she looks like soooo beautiful!

        When Tristan saw Dana, I saw how proud he was – it was also on the kids faces, it was emotional.

        When we looked around I realised everyone there was feeling it, it was very heartfelt ceremony – Chloe was amazing.Mantels is one of those venues that have amazing photo locations right at their front and back door (the doors are also beautiful!)

        I would like to mention now it was a very hot day…

        Wedding Day ShotsWe decided on spots right outside then hiked up the side of Mount Eden for a roll in the grass!When we returned from our adventure we found the guests enjoying the ambience of the beautiful space.

        A few were also drooling over the amazing Cheese Cake (including me).It was a very private Wedding of two very awesome people and I feel so blessed you found me and I can share some of your day!

        I hope your first year of marriage has been as awesome as your Wedding Day.

        Arohanui – Bianca – The Camerazonian x