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        Yet I am proud of what I’ve achieved with the support of my family friends.

        I do it for the love of it – like I said, it has never been about the likes. My mahi is for the people who believe in what I do and can connect to what is most important. Praise has never been my goal and being published has not been to feed my ego – it has been a challenge, something I set in stone and chase to keep myself dreaming and to feed the hustle in my heart.

        Nick Von K, Auckland Weddings, Studio Photographer
        Details featuring Nick Von K + Elizabeth May Bridal

        It also helps me level up professionally and know my value – it assures clients I know my shit without needing a degree or piece of paper to prove I am worth the investment. People are what makes portraiture.

        Free Spirit – in print and online with NZ Bride and Groom

        I feel blessed to have some of the amazing projects and couples I have worked with in print and in the press. So far I have clocked up.

        Two Weddings and an Editorial Shoot featured in NZ Bride and Groom.

        Numerous online features with Wild Hearts .. love how they love me!

        One of the official Wild Hearts Wedding Fair Photographers.

        A real Wedding giveaway I worked hard for, as seen at the Auckland Pride Parade printed in Rock n Roll Bride in the UK. (in print only no online ref)

        Photographs used at New Zealand Fashion Week 2019 as seen here

        Footage including my photographs from the Pride Wedding on Seven Sharp.

        Editorial piece in Together Journal showcasing Wedding Industry legends!

        A photograph of two amazing 90 something year young’s used in a Herald Article about infant loss and miscarriage.

        Official Photographer in print for Queensberry’s newest album range.

        Fashion Editorial in Bella Magazine. (in print only no online ref)

        Thanks to Paper + Lace for supporting me and my dreams before I was officially in the Wedding game!

        Elizabeth May Bridal, Theivery Studios, Honeysuckle Flowers, Nick Von K
        As seen in Wild Hearts

        When I see it all written down I do get a bit chuffed – who would have thought all those years ago spending extra time in the darkroom learning the in’s and out’s of film – would end up being my career in the future!

        I remember my friend’s were desperate for a wedding photographer and all I had been doing was photos of my daughter and her friends. I knew I had caught the bug well and truly after that day but I learnt alot – experiance really is key. Ive slogged it out, shooting and assisting Weddings for years after that day… building up my kit of camera’s and lenses, learning and making mistakes well before jumping into taking on any of my own work.

        These two bossing it up at Koru Hideaway

        When it comes to managing any Wedding day as the photographer, you pretty much run the show by working with your couples, the staff and environment all while managing the timeline, guests and whatever else comes your way!

        I am the original time gangsta and I love what I do – I adore creative collaborations, meeting new families – big and small in the great outdoors and of course being a part of your Happily Ever After party! Get in touch!