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        Sometimes you turn up for work and you know, it is a good day to be doing what you love to do.

        As soon as I drove up the driveway and saw the beautiful Homestead again, I knew it would be a little bit of me! I had looked at Mataia for my own Wedding and was already working out in my brain the rooms with the best light, the spots I would make work for them.     

        Mataia Homestead Wedding

        It is always a little interesting, photographing a couple you have never met before – but Leila and Charl were warm and welcoming, their families and friends were buzzing around putting the last little touches on things when we arrived. We got straight into it with the boys who had us laughing from the get-go, it’s always fun when the team are in good spirits.

        Mataia Homestead Wedding Mataia Homestead Wedding Mataia Homestead Wedding, Together Journal, NZ Wedding Photographer

        As I headed down the stairs to the girls – I could hear someone humming a tune and busted Uncle having a sneaky dance near the kitchen sink hehe

        Leila was a confident and beautiful bride – her amazing style was stamped on everything to do with their Wedding, you could tell from the moment I walked in she was SO READY to get into her dress!

        Mataia Homestead Wedding
        So we took it downstairs where there was more room and beautiful light

        Just as Leila was about to walk out I realised she hadn’t put her earrings on – she was super happy I remembered as you can see.. she popped them on just before walking out to say her vows and see their guests, it was all on!

        Mataia Homestead Wedding Mataia Homestead Wedding I will NEVER get sick of petal confetti EVER EVER EVER  Three generations of beautiful women x  Mataia Homestead Wedding
        Mataia Homestead Wedding with Stories by Bianca  WeWe headed back to the venue and it was ALL ON – I am partial to a bit of dancefloor action, and had to laugh at the speeches (the bits I could understand anyway).

        Mataia Homestead WeddingI had so much fun..so many laughs and felt the energy of all of those around you who were SO excited for the next chapter of your lives together.

        Thanks for having me get right in there to document the real deal feels alongside Jodie for your special day at Mataia Homestead!

        x Bianca