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        Where there is smoke, there is fiyaaaah

        Lately I have been booking couples who get what I do. I was stoked to meet Bianca and Cam during their friend Gemma’s graduation photos and we just hit it off.

        I mean, obviously we share the same amazing name (both pronounced differently) and we are both super funny and modest about our awesomeness haha

        Not long after Bianca got in contact and said they would love to book me as their Wedding Photographer… stoked!

        So here we are shooting their couples session just a week and a bit before they say their vows.

        Engagement Session in MuriwaiPicnic at Forrest Hill

        Bianca + Cam are the ultimate, their connection and their sense of adventure was off the chain! 

        Auckland Engagement SessionYou don’t know how long I have been waiting to get a couple in the sea.

        Muriwai is one of the most amazing black sand beaches in Waitakere and it is a favourite of mine from my childhood.

        There were plenty of people wondering what a fully dressed couple and a camerazonian were doing in the water…

        That wave on the right nearly took me out as I knelt in the sand but it was worth it.

        I was joking about Bianca being Ariel and her turning into a human as we hit land.

        Dune Beach Photos

        This was the spot we got lost in.

        We went three different ways and had to re-orientate ourselves, listening for the sounds of kids laughing and the ocean to get our bearings…

        but it seemed like everywhere was where we were meant to be!

        Forest Wedding PhotosIf anyone knows me, they know I love a little rock n roll!

        When Bianca busted out the leather jacket I died.. how dope does she look!? It was time to set the smoke bombs off and do something I have been wanting to shoot since my Love her Wild Photo Session.

        Coloured Smoke = Next level! Smoke Bomb Engagement PhotosBianca + Cam thank you so so much.

        Seriously you smashed your photos, you never gave up on the mission – with burnt feet, walking in wet clothes, over sand dunes… jumping in the ocean, climbing up dusty hills and trusting me the whole way. 

        I loved photographing you and in 10 short days we will do it all again at your Wedding!